Veterans Instameet #12


Come and join the Veterans Instameet team for another over night expedition outside of Sydney on Saturday 12th August 2017.

This Instameet with see us escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney, instead heading south toward Picton. The plan is to arrive around 3:00pm on Saturday 12th August 2017 at our over night camp site.

The plan is to get there early enough to give us enough time to set up camp and then catch the sunset over the gully and river. Once the sun goes down we will try a spot of light paining and steel wool spinning whist waiting on the stars.

Once it gets dark enough and the stars are out in full force Warrick and Joel will take us Astro-rookies through the tips and tricks to shooting the stars.

We have left the plan for Sunday open, we'd love to hear your suggestions on places to explore South of Sydney.

Click on the below link to find out more information and to register:

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