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The Veterans Instameet was created almost ten years ago when myself (Mathew Bell), a former grunt, and Warrick Eady, an ex-engineer, had returned from service in Afghanistan and found common ground through photography. After discharge we both felt completely disconnected from the defence community and found there was no photography outlets or groups veteran based. We felt that having this shared interest, we could get other like minded veterans together with photography as the basis and have fun and keep the connections to members post discharge. We soon expanded the group to include families of defence members and then the emergency services.

The events have always been free of charge, though over the years the costs associated with running the events, the insurances and admin has started to tally up. Our Veterans Instameets have always been and will continue to be free of charge, though participation via donation is encouraged. We don't ask for a huge donation, though if you're a big corporate firm reading this, we won't say no! We wish to continue to build a kitty to help us purchase more gear and fund events in the future. 

Through the sales of our Tee's and Hoodies we were able to raise enough money to purchase three sets of camera gear to lend to any participants attending our events who don't own a digital camera. Through your donations and financial support we'll be able to keep growing this collection of photography equipment.

To donate to our PayPal account, simply log into your account, use our email address, select your amount & "Sending to family or friends" this make sure we see the full amount donated without PayPal taking a cut. 

We thank you for your support!

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