Veterans Instameet #38



Come and join the Veterans Instameet crew for our thirty eighth instameet on Saturday 15th July 2023.

We will be heading into the Blue Mountains for an evening of astro and light painting. 

We will be meeting at the carpark on Cliff Drive at 5:00pm. It is only a short walk down to the shooting location. After sunset, once it gets dark enough we'll be there to photograph the stars and do some light painting again. 

Be sure to pack your warm weather gear as it's bound to get chilly as this one doesn't involve much walking around. Bring along your headtorch, stable footwear and plenty of water.

The incredible team at Young Veterans has volunteered to sponsor us for this event. They have put their hands up to cover dinner for us on the night. Bring your Jet Boils and cups canteens, we've got a treat in store for you...unfortunately the defence cooks who make the hot boxes weren't available, so we've had to go with something a little fancier! 

If you can't make it along, please SHARE this event with any Veterans you know that are into photography, word of mouth is our best tool in spreading our reach and growing the community.

We have three cameras available to anyone who wishes to try their hand at photography but doesn't want to commit to buying their own gear. If you'd like to borrow the cameras and tripods please let me know beforehand. 

Our Veterans Instameets have always been and will continue to be free of charge, though participation via donation is encouraged. We don't ask for a huge donation, though each event is costing us money through insurances etc. We wish to continue to build a kitty to help us purchase more gear and fund events in the future. To donate to our PayPal account, click here.

Let us know if you have any questions or queries.

Mathew Bell - 0409 241 419

Cahills Lookout is located 6 minutes drive South West of Katoomba. Parking is available in the carpark on Cliff Drive, if it is full, please park your car off the road, safely, along Cliff Drive.
We will meet by the cars at 5:00pm.

Who Are We?!

We are a veterans photography group called the Veterans Instameet. Initially set up in 2014 by myself, Mathew Bell, a former grunt and an ex-engineer, Warrick Eady. We had both just come back from service in Afghanistan and found common ground through photography. After discharge we both felt completely disconnected from the defence community and found there was no photography outlets or groups veteran based. We felt that having this shared interest, we could get other like minded veterans together with photography as the basis and have fun and keep the connections to members post discharge. We soon expanded the group to include families of defence members and then the emergency services. We welcomed Andrew Judson on as one of the event coordinators, with his 10 years in defence, a background in personal training and budding outdoorsman.

We have since run 37 events in and around Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast.

We are comprised of former ADF members, current serving members, children of veterans, the emergency services, SES and a number of non serving civilians who support us and what we've been through.

Please Note:
As most of the events are outdoors, there is always a physical element. Most events require a walk from the carpark to the area of interest or a more strenuous trek. The majority of events are mobile, meaning we're constantly on the move while shooting. The important aspect to us is the psychological well being that comes from a day. The aim is for everyone to have fun and make connections to other people with shared backgrounds. Photography is in the background most of the time, we have the aim for everyone to chat, laugh and shoot photos. 
Each event carries risk and by registering and attending the event, each participant agrees to take responsibility for their own safety. Safety is everyone's responsibility and if in doubt, or if anyone feels unsafe it is the individual’s responsibility to sit out the event or highlight it to the other members.  Each participant assumes all risk associated with any activity whilst with the Veterans Instameet. Each participant assumes full responsibility for themselves, their choices, their actions and their equipment. 

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